Be- don’t try to become.

You belong somewhere you feel free.

Create more than you consume.

You’re somebody’s something, but you’re also yours you.

Pranjali Jain

One of my favorite books is If Tomorrow Comes by Sidney Sheldon. 

I learned Kathak for 10 years from the age of 7 to 17. 

My room and wardrobe are filled with shades of grey and purple. 

Tall trees and pretty skies are my comforts. 

I am the epitome of curled-up-in-a-blanket-with-a-book-and-coffee.

There you go – those were a few random facts about me. Other than that, hi! I am a 21-year-old woman living in India trying to figure out life in a vain attempt. I love trying creative things and hope to build a career out of something similar. I am a curious and observant person – along with being an ambivert.  I believe in the power of existence, and I think it’s truly miraculous that we are alive at this moment- because the odds of that happening are infinitesimal!

In the wild

to be… in the wild is about being all things wrong and right in life. This blog originally began in 2020 and this concept was added recently as a way of a restart. In the past two years, I have realized that being anything in this world is not easy. You are questioned and judged and the only sane thing to do is practice acceptance. Nothing and no one is in your control. 

The blog is centered around ‘to be’ – whatever that is. Being too feminine, too masculine, too loud, not loud enough, creative, naive, rebellious – whatever comes to mind, it all goes. I am enthralled to explore everything and I hope to see you here again! Let’s connect!

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