Motivation to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Life happens when you step out of your comfort zone.

We’ve all heard this. But it’s scary, isn’t it? To leave the comfort of our field and our mind and to take a risk. We fear failure, embarrassment, losing, taking risks, and ‘being bad’ at activities. Make no mistake, I am the last person who takes initiative to step out of her comfort zone. There are so many things that I perpetually avoid or procrastinate due to the fear of effort. It’s tough to muster that motivation and do something that makes you uncomfortable and puts you in a position to lose. But you know what- you can’t win unless you also stand to lose.

You’ll always get opportunities that scare you. You may or may not pursue them. But if you don’t pursue them solely because you’re scared, you know you’ll regret it. If you never try, you’ll never know. Case in point- this blog is something out of my comfort zone (that’s why I am inconsistent with it). It’s unnerving to put your content out there. But ultimately, it makes me happy to see myself grow every time I’m able to muster the courage to do this. 

And believe me, if I can do this, so can you.

So, start small. You don’t have to take big leaps to reach the summit. Every day, try and do one thing that scares you. Or one thing that you’ve been avoiding because it’s tough or because you’re scared. Fear of failure is not worth anything. 

It can be as simple as trying that new dish you’ve been avoiding because you don’t know how it will taste. Or telling someone that you like them. Trust me, it’s not that big deal. You only live once and you must grab what you can when you can. 

The point is- unless you get out of your own way and give it a shot, it’ll always be a no. It’s because of our insecurities that we like it inside our shells. Eventually, you start feeling claustrophobic, stuck, and bored. It’s imperative to step out and see what the world has in its store for you. Stop thinking and start doing.

Click here for an article on Forbes that may help you to take that first step.

Thank you for reading, I hope you try something new today!

Keep the new and exciting vibes flowing,


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