Break These 5 Daily Habits to Improve Your Mental Health

Does anyone truly ever know what they’re supposed to do?

habit of journaling with coffee and watch on a table
Small improvements can go a long way!

Sometimes, we get so accustomed to our routines and lives that we don’t even realize how badly some habits affect us. They become a part of our normal routine and while we know they are not healthy, it’s hard to take that first step. But trust me, it’s not impossible. Try and cultivate one habit at a time- baby steps still take you forward.

Drawing from my experience, here are five common bad habits to break to improve your mental health:

Content Consumption

Given the fact that literally everything is online, this habit is hard to break. We go on scrolling, reading, watching everything that comes our way. The effects of this mindless consumption are incognizable but detrimental nevertheless. I personally feel numb and tired after a long day of just sitting on a screen for one thing or the other. The way to combat this is to find a balance. Take a break and fight your instincts to scroll through the night. And an even better way- create more than you consume. If you create content the way you consume it, you’ll instantaneously feel a good mental shift. 

habit of walking for mental health improvement
Take a small walk instead!


I think, unintentionally, everyone is a perfectionist. Whenever we try or learn something new, we instantly want to be good at it, if not perfect. We want all our attempts to be amazing and without any mistakes. Well, tough. Nothing is perfect and whether you like it or not, you’re going to make mistakes and not be awesome all the time. But that’s alright, it’s a process. So if you’re holding back due to the fear of not being perfect, you’re missing out. Deep down, it’s a fear of being judged. Trust me, when I started this blog, I felt the same and still do. The only solution; f*ck it and let go. You got one life, do what you wanna do


yoga and mental health
Just 20 minutes of movement can change your entire day:)

Physical inactivity is a significant reason for feeling lazy and/or lost. Since we’re literally stuck in our homes, there is very little movement in our lives which affects our physical health and subsequently, our mental health. Try to get some physical activity in your day: in the form of yoga, dancing, exercising, or simply walking for five to ten minutes in your house. It gives a good sense of relief and movement. It takes time to accommodate but I have consistently observed good results in my overall health when I stay active. 

Not Taking a True Break

In my case, I wanted to take a break from social media for the longest time but I was finding ways around it- procrastinating on the job- which eventually made things worse. I finally got around to it a few weeks ago and deactivated everything. It helped tremendously. Whatever you need a break from- don’t hesitate. A ‘true break’ is defined uniquely by everyone, but the need for it is consistent. Allow yourself to breathe and allow your brain to relax. If your mental health is affected and not doing well, your work is either way affected by it. Maybe taking a break will help you rejuvenate and get back with more enthusiasm.

Not Expressing Yourself

Journal, laptop, coffee, person writing
Express what you’re feeling without hesitating.

Ah, this is a big one. Keeping things inside me and not talking about my feelings and issues was not a good idea. Everyone has problems, and everyone is going through something or the other- whether it be family, anxiety, or break-ups- everything that is unresolved inside you will bother you till you talk about it. I’m not saying that the issue will be solved after you speak up, but you will definitely feel heard and light. Everyone has people around to talk to, we just hesitate to take the step. If not, you can always rant to yourself via writing, or seek out a therapist if you feel like it. Don’t be hesitant on this one, your mental health needs to be tended to

Pick one habit and start slow. Whatever you think holds you back- apart from this list as well- try to combat it one step at a time. Mental peace is a journey and it can’t be rushed. Breaking these habits might help you take that first step!

If you want to talk about it or talk about whatever you’re going through anonymously, you can definitely use this platform or send me a mail here. Building a community and sharing your thoughts is always a good idea. 

Thank you for reading, and let me know your thoughts in the comments down below!

Keep the optimistic vibes flowing, 


4 responses to “Break These 5 Daily Habits to Improve Your Mental Health”

  1. Good read


  2. Muskan Nagpal Avatar
    Muskan Nagpal

    You are Amazing! More Positive vibes your way, Girl! ✨


    1. Thank you so much, Muskan!


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