Best Browser for Ad Blocking: Brave

If you’re tired of YouTube and shopping ads, this post is for you. 

a laptop with a website open

I wrote about cookie-less marketing a few weeks ago, and I talked about how cookies might not play a role in advertising anymore. While that’s in the pipeline, another solution is needed for the hundreds of ads that we see each day, especially on YouTube. And how when we browse on a site for 10 minutes, we see ads regarding the same products on a different webpage almost instantly. It is pretty annoying.

So, instead of adding chrome extensions for ad blocking, let’s switch up the browser itself. 

Brave is a browser that allows you to surf on the web faster and better, with literally no advertisements. I experimented with it for a while, and believe me, they are true to their words.

Screenshot of Brave's website
Website of Brave browser

Let’s go through the basics. 

Essentially, I browsed Myntra on Brave for up to 20 minutes, and ordered some items. Simultaneously, I browsed a site called Ancestry on Google Chrome, and did some shopping there as well. 

After 5-7 minutes, I went to a different site on both of them, and this is what I found. 

Google Chrome

  • Shopping on Ancestry
Screenshot of Ancestry
Browsing and shopping on Ancestry on Chrome
  • Five minutes later, I found the products I was looking for on a different website. 
Screenshot of a website showing ads
Ads showing up after browsing


  • Shopping on Myntra
Browsing Myntra, Screenshot
Shopping on Myntra
  • Five minutes later, I switched to a different webpage, and there are no ads. 
Screenshot of a webpage not showing ads
No ads popped up!

Now, isn’t that helpful? There were no popups, or any advertisements covering content. And what’s even more accommodating, there were no ads before YouTube videos! That is the best part. 

Usually if you watch a video that is longer than 10 minutes, there will be at least two ads loading in between the video, not to mention the wait to click on ‘Skip ads’ before the content. But, I watched videos that were up to 20 minutes long, and no advertisements interrupted the flow.

Screenshot of YouTube
Ads blocked!

So, if you liked what you read, you can try out this browser. And no, this is not a sponsored post, I genuinely liked their services. You can install the browser here for free.

That’s it for today, folks! Thank you for reading, and leave a comment down below if you found this helpful!

Happy Browsing!

Keep the brave vibes flowing, 

Pranjali Jain

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4 responses to “Best Browser for Ad Blocking: Brave”

  1. Thanks Pranjali ….. now i can play my dance videos playlist on youtube freely….. no interruptions in my solo party


    1. YES!! Thank you for reading! ❤


  2. Wow, definitely gonna try this🥰


    1. Awesome, thank you for reading!🌻


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