5 Things We Used To Do in School on Teacher’s Day

Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Remember the teacher’s day celebrations at your school? (Remember when we could have these celebrations?) 

As I was preparing for today’s blog post, a big wave of nostalgia hit me. The good old days of school celebrations, the fun and the excitement to roam around in the hallways- I miss it terribly. Teacher’s day used to be one of our best days in school. 

Let’s look at some stuff we used to do and be exuberant for!

Dressing up as teachers

I think dressing up as a teacher was our favorite thing to do on this day. Planning the outfits, wearing a saree, and surprising your most beloved teacher- the feeling is overwhelming. 

Teaching a class

As a kid, we all used to look forward to this. Becoming a senior, getting to dress up and teach the little children in school. Yes, it used to pretty annoying when they didn’t listen, but we still had the time of our lives.

Cards, gifts, and what-not

Just go back and count how many times you did this. Made a card, bought gifts and sweets and then roamed all around the school to give them to your beloved teachers. The look on their face while receiving those used to be priceless!

Preparations and Celebrations

The backend work of the teacher’s day celebrations used to be pretty special and tough. We used to feel distinctive to be able to work for putting a smile on their faces. Although, the secrecy used to be overwhelming. What is being prepared for what teacher- it was a whole secret mission.

Beg teachers to not take the class

And of course, the most perfect thing we did was to plead our teachers to give us a free period. Sometimes they did, and sometimes they didn’t- nevertheless, we used to have fun. 

A big hug to all the teachers out there! Click on the photo for a beautiful effort by us as a college society.

Teacher’s Day during school used to be filled with surprise, anxiety, and love. We always wanted to make them feel good and show our love and appreciation.

I hope this post brought back sweet old memories. Thank you for reading, and a very happy teacher’s day to every educator out there- you deserve the world!

Keep the sweet vibes flowing, 


12 responses to “5 Things We Used To Do in School on Teacher’s Day”

  1. Sach me school ki yaad aa gayi🥺

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  2. Haha truly, the vibes :)))))

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  3. Wow good old days and nostalgic indeed!

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    1. Yes, these times made school the best!

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      1. Absolutely ✌️

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  4. Hehe, the last point is so true! 😂😂

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    1. I know right! Thank you for reading 🙂

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