Remember to see the good in yourself

Before you go ahead- take a deep breath and smile.

In today’s post, I have merely jotted down a few points to remind you and myself of some things that are paramount but are vaguely neglected. 

So, simply put, remember to-

Be patient with yourself

Growth takes time, it’s a process. Accept your traits and enjoy the mechanism. You may not get it right in the first attempt or maybe even the fifth. But it’s okay, you are gonna figure it out. Be kind and patient with yourself. You are only human and good things take time. 

Be realistic

Sometimes, the amount of pressure we put on ourselves is inhuman. We form foolish expectations in our minds based upon comparison with our peers, and how much work they’re doing. That’s no way to go about your life. Yes, get inspired and push your limits, but be realistic. If you keep piling up things, there is a good chance that you won’t be able to do anything. 

Keep your hobbies/interests alive

You have no idea how effective this is. I am so glad that I have kathak as a hobby since my childhood. It allows me to escape from all the competition and races of life- something I do purely because I enjoy it. Your hobbies can indeed be therapeutic; keep them alive. If you don’t have a static hobby- explore your interests and keep trying new things. Be inquisitive and keep creating.

Give your mind a break

Every minute of every day, your mind is constantly thinking. Even when you’re chilling and watching a good series, your mind is elsewhere. Give it a break. Keep ten minutes out of your day to just sit with yourself- watch your breath and try to be present in the moment. Your heart and brain need a break from all the trouble and pressure you put on it- breathe and let go. 

Get away from the screen

Do whatever you want to. Or not want to. Merely get away from the screen for thirty minutes. Do a hobby or meditate, talk to your family and friends, go for a walk, or a bike ride- away from social media and the multitude of content. 

Change your surroundings

Avoid doing your tasks like eating, sleeping, working- all in one place. Changing your environment is imperative. It simulates better focus and mood, and over and above cures boredom. I keep switching my place of work every couple of weeks, and I think it veritably helps me to boost my productivity.

Not care

Remember to detach from people and their opinions. You don’t have to seek validation from anyone. Be confident in what you do and stop caring about what will people say and what they think about you. Feedback and criticism are separate things- don’t pay heed to everything you hear. 

Take care

Lastly, take care of yourself– cannot emphasize this enough. Self-care is the most neglected aspect of our life- let’s change that. 

That’s pretty much it- some friendly reminders to keep healthy. Let me know in the comments below if you wish to add something more to the list!

Keep the vibe flowing,

Pranjali Jain

11 responses to “Remember to see the good in yourself”

  1. How to avoid screen 😦


  2. Kirti Chandwani Avatar
    Kirti Chandwani

    Love it!!!

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  3. You doing a great work girl! Simply and beautifully expressed, I must say.


  4. […] I honestly think it’s kind of hilarious. How our mind trains itself and us to adjust, and cope with situations- very dynamic. Unconsciously, all of us are just trying to feel good about ourselves.  […]


  5. “You don’t have to seek validation from anyone” ~ such powerful words!


    1. It’s true- you really don’t. Stay true to yourself:) Thank you for reading! More power to you.

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  6. Another brillant post Pranjali! I particularly like your words on not needing to seek validation from others. I really do think that one of the reasons why we are sometimes not happy is because we try too hard to please others

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    1. Yes, that’s quite right. I am glad you liked it, thank you Niraj!


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