Time to unwind and break the monotony

This is a kind reminder to step back and take a break.

Taking a break, like everything else, is a double-edged sword. If utilized and managed properly, I think the results can be pretty fruitful. It is crucial to break the monotony. And really, any kind of monotony- classes of the day, job, or just endeavors of life in general. Sometimes, it’s okay to procrastinate to be productive. 

The idea behind this is to relax and rejuvenate. The essence of taking a break is not working. Doing anything apart from your usual work. So, to relax and rejuvenate-


I am putting this as the first point because it is quite noteworthy. Of course, watching some content always sounds like an easy option, but honestly, after a couple of days, you reach that saturation point- it becomes plainly exhausting. Moreover, we are not able to break that habit which becomes troublesome. 

So, try not to stop creating, at least not for a considerably long time. The better way is to do something just for yourself. Any hobby. If you can’t be particular, you can just literally switch it up as you want to- try new things. You’ll feel more refreshed and maybe even find a new hobby.

Time away from the screen

If you really want to unwind, get away from social media. It’s better if you watch a good series honestly. But scrolling through various platforms all day isn’t doing you any favors. 

Have some alone time. A good book, or a podcast; even better, meditate. Relax and watch your breath. It will feel much more relaxing.

Change your space

This is something you can do even to feel fresh on working days. Change your area of work- switch it up if you can. If not, you get up and go somewhere different. While you’re taking a break, try to spend more time outside your room. Maybe even sleep in a different room. Trust me, it helps. Changing your physical space helps a lot in breaking the monotony. And also, you can take a nap anywhere.

A list of random things you can do

What better way to break the monotony?

Here is a list of things you can try even in your daily routine-

  1. Eat a meal without rushing or watching something
  2. Write down your thoughts
  3. Play with children
  4. Color away
  5. Meditate or just sit and listen to music
  6. Let go of something
  7. Declutter your space (mental or physical)
  8. Add plants to your environment
  9. Get physical- yoga, running, pilates, or simply dancing
  10. Take a walk or ride a bike with nature

So, take some time and analyze your mental space. Take that long overdue break if you need to.

Nothing is worth your mental peace, take care.

Comment down below on your favorite way to take a break!

Happy relaxing, keep the vibe flowing 🙂

Pranjali Jain

6 responses to “Time to unwind and break the monotony”

  1. Nice one


  2. 👌👌


  3. Advancing screentime will now make me cry!😭😂All of us require constant reminders like these because it is very easy for us to jump off the track!
    Thanks Pranjali💖


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